2Dx2 | 2 Bed 2 Bath

2 Bed / 2  Bath — 1,057 sq.ft.

From $565 per month
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The price shown is Base Rent. In addition to Base Rent, residents are required to pay: one-time application fee ($35 per applicant), one time administration fee ($100 per applicant), security deposit (one month rent; one time; refundable per Minn Stat. 504b.271 or may be waived with acceptable guarantor), and monthly package fee ($12 per resident for FETCH). Utilities included in base rent: none. Utilities not included in base rent: electric (varies based on usage), water/sewer (single meter billing apportionment applies), gas (single meter billing apportionment applies), and other utility-related fees ( $6.85 per resident monthly utility admin fee, and $6.85 final account fee). You will be required to procure a renter's insurance policy, and if you fail to do so you will be automatically enrolled in a penalty policy which costs $10.75 per month. There may be applicable unit premiums (depending on floorplan, floor and amenities selected). You will be advised as to those premiums if/when you inquire about unit(s) to which they apply.


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Sign within 48hrs to secure our newly reduced rates! Rate shown INCLUDES monthly installment rental credit! Must sign with 48hrs of applying to secure shown rate. *Contact our leasing team for more information.